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  • Tools for 3" PE Pipe

    Tools to make fabrication of 3" pipe easier.

  • Electric Heating Tools

    EB3000 with EB0000
    Thermostatically heats to 500 degrees. Requires 115 volts. Extension handle is available for easier fusion.

  • Heater Socket Fusion Faces

    Required on the EB3000 and HH3000 for each size pipe.

  • Chamfering Tool Depth Gauge Combinations

    Handy tool for accurate sizing to proper depth on pipe. One tool is required for each size of pipe.

  • Heater Muff

    For keeping the heating tool warm between fusions. Excellent protection for the fusion faces to prevent any damage during use.

  • Cold Rings

    Used for rounding out pipe and prevents the socket fitting from sliding on to the pipe too far. One for each size pipe is required.

  • Shears



    Ratchet type to clean cut plastic pipe up to 2".

  • Plastic Pipe Shut-Off Tools

    1/2" - 2" Shut-off Tool

    Designed to stop gas flow at any accessible point. Useable up to 2" PE Pipe.