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  • Coppersert™ Transition Coupling

    Perfection offers a complete, mechanically joined polyethylene LP gas distribution system that complies with NFPA-58. In addition, the Perfection line of products meet or exceeds the applicable requirements of: ASTM D-2513; US DOT Part 192; CSA B137.4 and IAPMO.

    New PE100 material fused on all Perfection fittings offer several significant performance enhancements including ability to join PE2406 and PE3408 pipe, superior resistance to Rapid Crack Propagation and superior resistance to Slow Crack Growth. PE100 has been used around the world for over 20 years.

    The heart of the system is the non-corrosive mechanical fitting. These fittings are available in sizes 1/2" & 1" CTS; 1/2" through 8" IPS.

    The mechanical coupling makes service line installations safe and simple. The coupling is not only “pull-out proof”, it is also incredibly easy to install.

    The self-contained steel stiffener guarantees proper alignment, provides support, and further promotes sealing power and pullout resistance.

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  • PE100 WYES and Reducing WYES

    • Creates a “branch” in each dwelling service line for the installation of multiple service lines.
    • Use of a blind end cap allows installation of a full piping system to a housing development

  • Permasert® PE100 Repair Couplings

    Locate and inspect a damaged pipe and simply and easily repair damaged section with size of coupling required. No need for fusion, welding, or taping. Save on repair time.

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  • Permasert® PE100 Mechanical Tee Couplings

    Remarkably easy to use. Available in same size Tee or a 3-way reducing configuration. Same lasting grip as in mechanical couplings. No need for tools, fusion or wrenches.

  • Permasert® PE100 90º Elbow Couplings

    As with other Perfection mechanical connections, elbows are easy to use and reliable. No tools or fusion are required.

  • Permasert® PE100 Shut-Off Valves

    Polyethylene Shut-Off valve is compatible with all PE gas distribution systems. Valve is rated equivalent to the maximum allowable operating pressure of PE piping to which it is connected.

  • Perfection EFV Valves

    To help accomplish this fundamental task, more and more utilities are taking safeguards to minimize occurrences of blowing gas due to pipe line breaks caused by third party damage and natural disasters. And the easiest, most dependable, and economical way is with an EFV excess flow valve from Elster Perfection.

  • Permasert® Assembly Assist Tools

    Assist tool allows for easy installation of 11/4" and 2" Permasert® fittings.

  • Perfection Permalock® Self-Tapping Tee

    Permalock® mechanical tapping tee provides a simple gas tight, non-heat fusion polyethylene service line connection. No special tools required for installation. (Standard socket set and Allen wrenches needed.)

  • Permasert® XL Large Diameter Mechanical Couplings
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  • Pressure Test Cap And Tool Kit

    adapter threads to top of saddle tee for testing branch line.

  • Permasert® Chamfer Tools

    Chamfering tool permits the tubing to be completely stabbed without damaging the internal seals on Permasert® connectors.