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  • Fisher® Integral Two-Stage Regulators

    Designed for installations with small capacity loads up to 450,000 BTU per hour. These compact units fit easily into confined spaces and is ideal for ASME tanks used on small domestic loads. Intermediate and outlet gauge taps facilitate easy system testing. A 3/8 in. NPT vent allows easy installation of vent piping

  • Fisher® Residential First Stage Integral 2 psi Pressure Regulator

    2 psi service regulators have an internal relief valve, and are designed to serve as intermediate regulators installed on the exterior of the building structure. These regulators supply propane to a manifold (located inside the structure) where piping such as corrugated stainless steel tubing (CSST) is routed to a line regulator supplying approximately 11" w.c. to appliances throughout the structure.