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  • Fisher® New Compact R232A Two-Stage Regulators

    Compact two-stage regulator provides excellent performance for small domestic installations. Features include:

    • Two 1/8" NPT taps for pressure checks
    • Inlet screen reduces debris entering the regulator
    • 1/2" outlet provides high BTU capacity for a compact regulator

  • Fisher® Integral Two-Stage Regulators

    Integral two-stage units combine a first stage and second stage regulator into one compact unit. Recommended for installations where piping distance is short.

    • Reduced freezing problems
    • Improved regulation
    • R632A typical uses: on-site cylinder, mobile homes, average domestic service
    • High capacity relief valve
    • First and second stage 1/8" pressure taps
    • 5 year warranty
    • 20 year recommended replacement life

  • Mounting Brackets